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The Great Business Experience-The Engagement Act 1

Welcome to our performance entitled “The Great Business Experience. The Engagement, The Exchange and The Exit.” This performance is filled with a star- studded cast featuring the talents of you and your potential and existing business relationships. This great event is brought to you by your company…your business. This exciting 3 Act presentation focuses on 3 key areas that will develop, implement and insure a great business experience for you, your customer and your company. So without further ado…we give you “The Great Business Experience: The Engagement, The Exchange and The Exit” (Fade to black)

Act 1: The Engagement :The Opening Scene

This is your first impression. A great business experience begins like a courtship. A common interest or perceived match or solution is identified that allows your path and a potential relationship’s path to cross. A bonding begins. This “path-crossing” is created from a variety of resources…a need for your product or service you provide, a relationship you developed, a personal introduction from others or from a great reputation, or perhaps a chance of fate. Regardless of how it happened, it happened and you have granted a tremendous opportunity.This brings me to a question. Do you view every potential customer as an opportunity? Are you appreciative of every existing customer? You should. Standing in front of you or talking with you over the phone is the very reason you are provided the chance to do what you do. Customers are not just another arrow in your quiver, they are a priceless commodity and should be treated as such. Now on with the show.

I want to look at the engagement in two distinct views. The first is from the “courtship” view. Think about the engagement as putting your best foot forward first! Remember how it was when you were dating? I do. I remember the first date with my wife. I wanted to make certain I looked as good as I could. I paid attention to every detail. From my hair to my clothes, I wanted her to see me at my very best right away…to make a lasting first impression! My engagement went much further than physical appearance, it also encompassed the way I acted, the way I spoke and the way I wanted to make sure this person, perhaps my future wife, knew I wanted to learn all about her. What she liked, where she was from, what she wanted out of life and so much more. You see the engagement period was a time of decision making for both of us…but it becomes so much more. I’ll explain later. The engagement takes work. It can be easy after a while to assume the deal is done and begin to take things for granted. Only when that decision is challenged do we begin to pay attention to detail again. My challenge for all of us is to stay focused and never lose site of what this valuable process is about and how it provides life long rewards. (Next scene please…Action!!)

The other view of the engagement I want to address focuses on the interaction process. A successful engagement with your potential and existing customers is the ability to provide an atmosphere where they can be themselves. As stated earlier, with the example of dating my future wife, it is a time to find out what potential and exiting business relationships like, where they are from, and what they want. A successful engagement provides and promotes an environment that lets those you serve know with confidence, no task is too difficult, and no question is too silly or irrelevant. This interaction process states proactively that you welcome the opportunity to listen and learn! If I know you want to know then there is NO reason we wont successfully move forward. One of the greatest measures of customer worth is your personal attention to engaging or interacting with them every time they do business with you! (Scene fades to black)

The engagement makes or breaks relationships. Many times if the engagement fails the relationship fails never to be revived again. This is why this process is so very important. As I stated earlier, the engagement is a serious time of evaluation and decision making…but remember I said it was much more…are you ready for the more? Here it is. (pause for dramatic effect…) When the engagement is validated something GREAT happens; you get a commitment! Now everything changes. The commitment says no matter what else is out there, no matter the other opportunities I may encounter; no matter if you make a mistake, I AM COMMITTED! I have seen the value that you and your company can bring to me and I am yours. Doing business with you feels right! No greater compliment could ever be given. (Scene ends to great applause)

The engagement is the beginning. It is the first great impression. It is the excitement in developing the relationship. It is the “feels right” atmosphere and attitude the customer believes when working with you! Now here is a valuable point to remember, the engagement is just the beginning. There is so much more to a great business experience. In Act 2 of our performance you will see how The Exchange-“the giving and the taking” validates and proves unconditionally the decision and commitment made in the engagement…stay tuned! (House lights up)


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