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The Great Business Experience…The Exchange Act 2

In our opening scene, we introduced the engagement to the Great Business Experience. We discussed how this was an extremely important part of the decision making process. It is a time of evaluation based upon performance. It is also a time for you to proactively seek opportunities to become involved with your customers; to give them the opportunity to freely talk about what matters to them…remember no task to small no question to irrelevant? As the scene ended we demonstrated the great value of a successful engagement in that once established you gain a COMMITMENT! Now things change, because no matter what else is out there or what other opportunities appear, they become dim compared to working with you. This is a great beginning… but it is only the beginning (Scene fades to black)

We are in a great place, things are looking good. We have someone who believes in our business or our product. We have set the stage for a great exchange. The exchange in the Great Business Experience is two fold, that’s right two fold.(Suspense builds) Lets define the exchange. It is the moment in the experience when action occurs that transfers from one party to another. It is the GIVE and TAKE to the process. The first exchange should be quite clear. It is the transfer of a product or service for a given solution. Here you GIVE your customer, excellent service and a product (or service) that meets a need or provides a solution. The customer TAKES the solution and their life is improved because they encountered you. This last statement is underlined for a reason…to be revealed later.

The other fold (remember the two-fold) of the exchange is that the customer has GIVEN you their business and if you TAKE care of it, will last a lifetime. You should really consider what is happening here. You have someone who said “YES” to you! They have chosen you above all others for their great business experience! (applause!) This is a great moment. You have begun a new relationship that can last a lifetime. This is like being back in grade school and it is time to choose teams for dodge ball…remember? Think of this moment as you being selected first by the person you hoped would choose you and staying on that team for the rest of your dodge ball life…get it! (crowds gasps in awe!)

The exchange for you is a lifetime customer and your life is improved because you encountered them! Does this line look familiar? The key to you as a provider is very simple. You have been GIVEN an opportunity to develop an experience that you should never TAKE for granted (give and take). In today’s world of fierce competition, it is mandatory you treasure every customer and client that thinks enough of you to say YES!

By now you should be “fired up” and ready to move forward. I know in my sales experience there is no greater feeling than closing the deal…gaining new business. But more importantly is the fact that you have given your customer a great feeling of satisfaction. They have chosen you and you have made a positive difference in their life. Now to complete this great business experience we must draw it to a successful conclusion. One that leaves your customers wanting more! It is the critical time to reinforce and validate your customer’s decision. Just like the engagement process, now is the time to reassure the commitment. We never want our customers and clients to experience “buyers remorse” (“How do we do that”, the crowd asks?) I’m glad you asked! This great opportunity presents itself before your customers walk out the door!

We are now ready to discuss the final event to the great business experience; the successful EXIT. This moment sets the stage for your customers’ highly anticipated return…Stay tuned for the dramatic conclusion of “The Great Business Experience” (Scene fades to black amidst great crowd expectations!)

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