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The Great Business Experience…The Exit Act 3

We are now ready to view the final scene of our performance of “ The Great Business Experience. We have to this point, experienced the impact of decisions and evaluations made from the engagement and the exchange of both the customer and the provider. The encounter thus far has led us to this final scene where the customer or client is preparing to leave the confines of our business experience. What happens next sets the stage to reinforce everything that has been accomplished in anticipation for our customers’ favorable RETURN…a successful exit

(Scene opens with a critical observation.) Many times in product and service delivery, we (myself included) sometimes take the approach that the transaction or the experience ends when the deal is made. Quite the contrary, It is the BEGINNING. Often during the engagement and the exchange we do all we can (remember best foot forward) to gain the business. We follow up on questions, we reply in a timely manner, we do above what is expected to GAIN the business. The customer believes from this performance, their business is wanted! THEN something strange happens, the customer signs on the dotted line so to speak and we file them away in our existing customer file and immediately begin to seek new business again. We categorize them as someone now that is “a done deal” and if they want more from us, it is up to them to ask. Don’t get me wrong, we always want new business but let us never forget those who gave us the opportunity to create their great business experience! Remember, they chose us. This reinforcement begins at the conclusion of the transaction or the exit. (crowd sighs AHHH!)

I have a great friend who is a physician here in my city. He is very successful. At last count he had over 2500 patients! He has an incredible reputation for his knowledge of medicine but he is regarded as highly for his great people skills. Dr. O has a great exit routine. After a new patient’s first visit with him, he personally telephones them that evening to make sure they got their medicine and hopes they feel better soon! WOW! Do you think that has anything to do with his practice having over 2500 patients? (Crowd applauds vigorously) You see, Dr. O. does not believe the deal is done at the diagnosis, he see it beyond that… to make sure what has been done works!

The exit is the REINFORCEMENT of all the decisions made during “The Great Business Experience”. It demonstrates to your customers that you want to make certain their needs are met, a solution has been provided AND if there is anything more, you stand ready to serve even after the deal is done or the check has cleared!

Reinforcement of the deal comes in many forms. It is the follow up phone call like Dr. O makes. It is the proactive approach that conveys to your customer if anything is not exactly as it was explained, you stand ready to make it so. You stand behind your promise. It is the fact that if you are not available to personally assist them on any issue, ANYONE in your organization will treat them with the same attention as you would. Reinforcement says if you promise to call back by 4:00 p.m. you call back by 4:00 p.m. even if you don’t have an answer. If you have additional locations, reinforcement says if you visit any other location, your business will be as highly regarded as it is here. WHEW!

The power of the exit is remarkable. Customers leave energized as much or more so than when they walked in your door or met with you at their office. There is no “buyers’ remorse” here. You just proved that. This exit approach clearly proves you want your customers to return, to give you yet another chance to provide a “Great Business Experience” for BOTH of you!! (Crowd cheers loudly!)

The “Great Business Experience: The Engagement, The Exchange and The Exit” is a process that works, and the beauty of it is that it can happen over and over again everyday! It can be the longest successful running performance of your business life. Customers are cheering your praise…they are requesting and encore…Are you ready? The curtain is rising, an opportunity is waiting…time to perform again. (Standing ovation)


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