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What’s On Your Business Card

If you watch television at all you have probably seen the commercial put out by Capital One asking “What’s in your wallet? I interpret this as asking me the consumer, if I have the best representation I can have regarding the services they offer. Let’s take this question a little further and allow me to ask you what’s on your business card?

I enjoy getting business cards from people that I meet. I am amazed at the various styles, shapes and colors you can present on such a small piece of glorified paper. Business cards are perhaps one of the best networking and promotion tools you can possess. Think about it, you meet someone, you discover that there are opportunities to work together or create new synergy, you discuss what to do next, shake hands and give the only tangible thing they will remember you by until the next time you meet. Looking at your representation in this light puts another perspective on it doesn’t it.

I met a man once who handed me his business card and it provided the usual information with the exception of his title. Here it simply read “Solutions Provider”. Naturally it made me ask “what kind of solutions”, and he told me he helped people find solutions regarding their home furnishings one family at a time. I realize we can’t all put that on our business cards but, I think you would agree, what a unique way to promote one’s services.

In one of our training sessions we ask this question; State your name, how long you have worked here and what you do. The first two are easy, the last one is not. At this point we hear things like VP of R&D, Associate Director of Marketing, RSM, RFC and E I E I O (not really, that’s the tune to Old McDonald). Please do not get me wrong, you have worked hard for your title and are very deserving of what it represents, but what does that say to your customers? What does an RSM do? I know you don’t have room on such a small piece of literature to put how you can make peoples lives better, but I would love to have my business card read Tim D.Tivis Pinnacle Training Group and directly under my name the words: Helping Companies Find Solutions and Maximize Potential One Client at a Time! So, if given the opportunity and the space to say what you are really about, what would you want on your business card?

And here is another thought to consider regarding our business card. All of us own one! Regardless of whether you possess a small 3.5 inch by 2 inch glossy card or not, you do have a business card. You use it everyday! It tells who you are. It informs of your accessibility and availability to customers and potential customers on exactly what you do and your desire to help them meet needs and goals. It is displayed through your culture and personal performance in the workplace.

So regardless of the style of business card you use, again I ask, what is on your business card? Does it convey what you want it to? I suggest you take a close look to be certain it represents you accurately; not only from what you see on the printed form…but also from what you see in the mirror.


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