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Happy Leap Year! Celebrate 24 Hours of Opportunity

Happy Leap Year! Okay when was the last time someone said that to you? Can you imagine looking forward to February 29th with the same enthusiasm as your favorite holiday? I mean we should never think of celebrating this one extra day that comes around every four years…or should we.

Every four years we are given an extra day of which we must account for. My question for you and me is; what are we going to do with it? It is an extra day to discover an opportunity? Is it a day to perhaps learn something new or make someone else’s day a little better OR, is it a day which you must justify the expense? Here are a few thoughts to consider how to celebrate your extra day.

Get started early. Even if you are an early starter, for today get up a little earlier to take full advantage of your extra 24. You can spend a little extra time for yourself, with your family or just get productive a little bit earlier.
Make an extra business call. If you are contacting prospective customers, or have existing clients to follow up on take this opportunity to make just one more call than you had planned or drop in on one more prospect before you call it a day.
Do something for someone else just because. Since when does there have to be a reason to do something for someone else. Ask a colleague to go to lunch or if you are really brave, drop by your child’s school and take them to lunch. I used to do this when my kids were young and their eyes never lit up brighter than when I would show up…well except for Christmas, but that’s another story.
Read an article about something you have interest in. Believe it or not, I have been reading a lot of other writer’s blogs on a variety of topics. There are some great ideas and concepts out there that I have utilized to help me become a better business man. Whether it for business or a hobby you are passionate about, take some time to learn something new or get better at something old.
Contact a friend or loved one and encourage them. Make someone’s day by wishing them well. I contacted an old friend of mine the other day just to see how they were doing. I discovered they were going through a rough time. I simply told them to hang in there, shared a few of my personal experiences and let him know that if there was anything I could do, just let me know. I meant it. At the conclusion of our conversation he stated how much he appreciated my call and how much it helped him when he really needed it. To be honest, I think it helped me as much or more!

Here is the point. Do something positive with your extra day. Something that will be of benefit or add value to you and to others. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just has to be on purpose. Do it now.

Don’t wait for someone to wish you a Happy Leap Year to remind you of your upcoming opportunity.

I believe that by maximizing your extra day it will lay a foundation on how you look at things for the rest of the year. Your little extra action may develop the habits that create a new way of looking at your business and your life.

I know, I know, not everything is always positive. I must admit there have been times that truly the extra day was another allotment of time that adversely affected my plans, prolonged an invoice going out, or another day that added to the bottom line expense, but I learned something from this ; and thankfully I learned it early.

The extra day was inevitable. No matter how much I wanted the day to end, it played out its entire 24 hour cycle! A few times I tried to simply ignore the day and when I did, the day NEVER ended. So I decided to make the most of my time, and when I did, the day went much faster and I was even surprised at what I could accomplish.

Let me conclude with this. If you are on board with this article, make it happen. Determine right now what you are going to do to make this year’s extra day something to remember. And, for those of you not too sure, let me challenge you to take the LEAP (get it) with the rest of us.

Oh… Happy Leap Year!


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