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Three Sticky Resolutions to Lead and Live By

Resolution: A resolve or determination. to make a firm commitment to do something;the mental state of being resolved;firmness of purpose.

At the start of every year, my fitness club is filled with New Year’s resolutions.  So much so, that at times, it is too crowded to get a workout in, and I have to come back..and I do go back!.  But now it is March and what was once a blur of effort has once again become status quo and the only people I see now are the same people that I haves shared stair masters, treadmills and weights with for the past five years.  These are those that stick.

Now I know these others mean well at the beginning, but what happens between the first of January and the first of March that creates this occurrence year after year?  Here are a few thoughts.

First, some people just can’t find the time or won’t make the time to keep coming.  It becomes too difficult to get in the car, let alone spend time exercising. Some stop because they don’t see the results they want quickly enough and give up (I can relate a little).

 Others need someone to encourage them and when their workout buddy quits, it is an open door for their exit too.  Finally some just don’t know what to do. They simply don’t know what needs to be done to sustain results and keep going. Regardless of the reason, these well-intended resolutions just don’t STICK!

As I was thinking about this it reminded me that I need resolve in business and my personal life. I too, have been guilty many a year of setting my sites on something and have fallen short. I have aimed high and missed. But regardless of my failures, I have found three resolutions that simply stick, no matter what.  They have never led me astray or disappointed me. They were the driving force to every success I have experienced and I believe they will lead me to the greatest experience I have yet to encounter.  Here are three sticky resolutions to live and lead by. 

Sticky Resolution 1: ethic of work-be a cultivator. I have a great friend who tells the story of spending many an hour after school as a young man behind the wheel of a tractor. While others were out doing more fun things, he was cultivating the land to prepare for planting. This taught him a valuable lesson that he attributes to the success of his thriving law practice.  I believe it to. I have experienced many times doing “unfun” things that needed to be done in order to get a small business off the ground.  Cultivating is hard work. It requires sacrifice AND, not everyone is willing to do it. In order to reap from any venture, we have to first spend some time behind our own tractor. You know what I mean.

Sticky Resolution 2: Put people first. There is no other commodity on this earth more precious and valuable than being surrounded by good people.  It reminds me of the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” when at the end, all the townspeople pitched in to help poor ole’ George Bailey who in reality, was the richest man in town!

Whether a friend, client, co-worker or employee or hey! A member of your family, surround yourself with good people and if you take care of them, they will help take care of everything else.   I don’t have enough paper to share my positive experiences by sticking to this resolution…  I can’t say this with more conviction than that. 

Sticky Resolution 3: Do the right thing everytime. Please, I know this may sound trite but I am sure all of us can reflect back on cross road decisions and the impact felt to this very day on choices made…both good and bad.

I had a client who had an investment mature and we needed to find the best, safest and highest yielding product we could find.  She lived on the income. The investment was a large amount and I was expecting to find a good renewal rate for her, and gain another commission for me.

After much research the best product for her, was an account that paid me nothing.  Here is the deal. My client trusted me and if I had chosen to do so, I could have moved her to another account that would not have paid as much interest, still met her criteria, and paid me a commission. She would have accepted this recommendation…I placed the funds in the zero commission to Tim account and when I did, I never felt better! 

So as you are perhaps refocusing or looking to invest in worthwhile resolutions, please consider these:
Commit to an ethic of work, be a cultivator, prepare for opportunities where you are
Think people first, they are our greatest resource and
 Just do the right thing everytime…period

I’ll admit like many well intended plans, they sound great, they are easy to write about BUT it takes real resolve to make them…stick!

All the best to you and what you do


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