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“I Should Do Business With You Because…”

Imagine if you will that you are in front of every prospective person that you could ever do business with standing alongside your existing customers and clients.  A giant microphone falls from the sky; you have their undivided attention, no other distractions or noise.  All eyes and ears are on you; it’s your one big moment, what do you want them to know about why they should do business or continue to do business with you? Go…

I have posed this question many times in both training scenarios and in general conversations and I am amazed at the variation of answers I have heard.  Some people get it. They just do. For example, I asked a gentleman who installs sprinkler systems for a living why, given the fact that there are many choices for me to choose from, should I select you.  He without hesitation replied “because I won’t leave until you are completely comfortable on how to operate your control box”.  Good answer.

How many times in instances like the one above have you heard things like “It’s all covered in the owner’s manual” or “you can always visit our website” Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate these resources but it cannot replace the human commitment as was so eloquently described by the sprinkler man who by the way, was NOT the owner, he didn’t own shares in the company and probably was as high up on the company ladder as he would get. He was simply a man, who from my perspective, valued his job and the people he served; yet the way he answered my question on why I should choose him and his company, is a lesson for us all.

So let me ask you, how would you respond if given the opportunity as described above?  Would your answer come quickly and decisively or, would you have to think about for a bit or, would you have no idea what to say?

The answer to me comes quickly.  We will not provide you concepts and ideas and leave you to run with them on your own, we will stay with you until you see the things learned take hold and develop the path toward reaching your goals. We want what you get from us to STICK!

So I ask you again, what would your response be?  Take a moment and write it down.

Now that you see it on paper, how does it feel? Do you like what you see, how it sounds?   Does it reflect you and your organization? Based on the statement, if you were the customer, would you do business with you? Take a good look because we can’t go further until you believe it.  Once accomplished, we can move to the next question, but be on notice, you’ve answered the simple one!

Does your “why do business or continue to do business with me” response look something like this:

“We are the friendliest organization in town” or “we treat you as a person not an account number”.  You might have said “we get to know our customers one by one” or “we make doing business easy”.  Do these sound close?  Actually, these are the responses most often heard in our sessions when we ask this question.  I believe them to all be great responses, and if proven, would be great reasons to do business there. Agree?

Now for the next question…ready?  How do you know you are what you say?  Where does the validation come from?  This is a critical question because all the things you say you are, are of no value unless they can be proven. Validation comes from…that’s right, those people I mentioned in the first paragraph; your prospective and existing customer.  When your customers and potential customers perception is the mirror image of your message, you have credible validation that you truly are what you say you are.

This is important to note because every organization I know has a motto or mission statement.  You can find it on websites, newsletters and even sometimes on the wall behind the receptionist’s desk, but they are only words if they only time they are mentioned or seen, is behind office walls in staff meetings.

So in conclusion, it is important to be certain your message is being heard loud and clear above all the noise. Take advantage of every competitive edge you have and when your moment comes to shine above all, make certain that what your message says is validated externally by those you serve.

I believe if we adhere to this philosophy there will be more opportunities to be chosen as the provider of choice, and that means more sprinkler system control boxes to install than we can imagine.  I know you know what I mean.


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3 thoughts on ““I Should Do Business With You Because…”

  1. Gary T. Kunishima on said:

    Excellent insight.

    I am an insurance producer. If someone were to ask me why he/she should do businsess with me, I would reply that, after learning from him/her what his/her goals were, what, if any, he/she has done towards accomplishing those goals, if there is a gap, I will find the best solution for him/her. And, that is why I am appointed w/some 14 different ins. carriers since no ins. carrier has the best products in every line of ins.


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