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Is Choosing You Worth The Price of Admission? Three Performances Tell All

One of my favorite things in life is music.  I grew up with the radio blaring to the classic rock hits of the mid to late 70’s.  It doesn’t get any better.  Sorry guys, no room for discussion on this topic.  Last year one of my favorite bands made an appearance in our city.  As soon as tickets went on sale, I made the dash to purchase; so did thousands of others.  Now here is the question to ponder.  I paid or should I say we paid (or sacrificed) a rather large amount of cash to gain entrance into this event.  What was so special about this that made me choose to allocate my hard earned money to experience such an event?

The belief of an unforgettable performance! I believed that by purchasing a ticket, I would gain entrance into an experience I would never forget for the rest of my life; a chance to relive some great old memories and perhaps create some new ones.  The point is I believed unconditionally the price or sacrifice to be a part of this experience was well worth the output to gain the outcome; then I began to wonder as I always do, does this same level of enthusiasm exist for my clients and my teammates about choosing to work with me?  What kind of performance or performances would I need to demonstrate that validate their efforts, sacrifices and choices were worth the price of admission?  Here are three great performances to consider.

Measurable performance:  A quantifiable value of worth.  I know words matter, don’t get me wrong, BUT I know my worth to an organization or business not by what is said to me, nor by what you feel about me, but what you DO! Point:  When you say “I’ll call you back” or “I will help make this happen” or “I want to thank you for a job well done” DO you? When you express in your mission statement that you are “the community-minded company, are you? You see, you can say this all day but until you demonstrate (DO) it, these are merely words that have no value. 

Optimum performance:  Defined as the best obtainable result under specific conditions. No one is perfect.  We will all drop the ball at some point.  Not everyone works with the same capabilities.  Some have more modern technologies, finer facilities or more capital to utilize.  This is not the point of optimum performance.  This performance takes what is available specifically to you, and maximizes the output to in turn maximize the outcome; to perform at the highest level possible. This performance level creates and promotes and environment for every person at every role and responsibility to perform their best, because they feel valued and they know their contributions matter! It develops chemistry for success!

Chemistry vs. talent: Optimum performance develops a chemistry that provides the right mix of abilities and attitudes to result in greater opportunities versus sheer individual talents alone.  Should you ever doubt the result of great chemistry vs. talent, take a look back at the 1980 U.S.Olympic Hockey Team…enough said.

Ultimate performance: The scoreboard of our efforts.  Ultimate performance is simply this:  The best result possible time and time again.  Optimum performance creates the environment and ultimate performance validates it.  Just as in a sporting event, at the end of the game, you can easily view the outcome from the scoreboard.  Ultimate performance keeps score too; Are clients satisfied with you? Do they keep coming back and give you first opportunity at their business?  Do your teammates or those you lead believe they matter because you recognize them?  Are you growing, learning and moving forward? Finally, does your scoreboard consistently indicate favorable results year after year?

This is the key to ultimate performance.  You see, good teams can have great seasons, but great teams have great careers!  They consistently put themselves in a winning position year after year.  Unlike the scoreboard at a ball game where there is a final set of numbers, your scoreboard is ongoing and as long as you consistently see positive outcomes year after year, regardless of other circumstances, you’re winning!

By focusing on these three great performances, I believe customers, clients and those you work with and lead, will believe as I did when purchasing my concert tickets; the price of admission was well worth it and I will most definitely look forward to experiencing my proven choice again and again.


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