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A Follow Up on Make It Personal Please!

Last week I posted an article encouraging everyone to make it personal, to find someone to compliment or do a little something beyond the job description and…do one of these things on purpose. (If you have not read “Make it Personal…Please!”  on my blog site, please do so and it will set the stage for the story that follows.)

I did have a few comments and for those who shared, please continue the quest with me to keep the personal approach alive and well. With that said I had to share a personal story that happened to me just a few days ago and it all began and ended when I told someone “you do such a great job!”

The other day I went into an establishment that I go to regularly and I ran into the janitor of the facility. He seemed to be upset about something and I discovered he felt unsure about how to handle a situation with his employer and should probably start looking for other work.

Now I personally know the owner of the establishment and he is a very good person, so I did a little double duty. I told the janitor that I hoped he would reconsider and that if he had an issue, he should approach the owner and work it out.  Then I did the personal approach and said  “besides that, you do such a good job that everyone would miss not seeing you around”. I concluded my comments with this: “I also believe that in today’s world, if you have the opportunity to get up and come to work in the morning, to be gainfully employed, you are blessed!” I meant it.  I know several people my age looking for work!

That did it because the next time I went in, I saw the janitor again and he could not wait to tell me that he had cleared up the misunderstanding and was happily working again.  He told me that he appreciated me telling him how he would be missed and then he stated that choosing to leave would have been a huge mistake.  He concluded by saying: “And I need to appreciate what I have.” Well put don’t you think?

From a few words of encouragement the following took place

1. A person felt worth

2. A job was saved

3. A misunderstanding was resolved

4. A new approach to work was discovered

A pretty good return on investment if you ask me!  Now I know this will not always be the case but I say again, how difficult was my task?  If it impacts just one, that should justify the effort!

So there you go. One more example of how the small on purpose, sincere personal approach can make a huge difference in someone’s life. So help me keep it going, let’s keep it going


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