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Is the Market Value of Your Commitment Level Going at Sold Out or Close Out Prices?

Market value:  The current price at which someone is willing to pay or someone is willing to invest based upon the immediate value of the service or opportunity.

Let me ask you a question. I want to get right to the point.  Based upon what you know about your commitment level to what you do and those you serve, right now, today, would the price to gain you and what you bring to the table, be going at a high premium , OR… are your efforts going at liquidation prices to recover losses and shut the doors?   

This is a fair question.  It is becoming more and clearer to me that there is a wide disparity of commitment levels in every industry and at every level.  Now I’m not saying things are easy right now, I have had my own share of struggles BUT, I believe it is time to take a good, hard look at what we believe in and what we value and are willing to “stick to” when it comes to our work and working with others. 

I want to discuss the market value of two specific levels of commitment and then if you will allow me, to share my thoughts on the market value of having a job, right now, today.  Here we go!

The market value of the “Sold Out” Commitment:  Have you ever gone somewhere looking for something that you really wanted only to find that many, many others wanted it too, and when you arrived with purchasing power, you discover that there is none left…it has sold out?  If this experience deals with something that you really wanted, you would have gladly paid extra to acquire it and you will not stop until you find it!  Your commitment level can have a “sold out” market value as well.  It is defined in that you believe so passionately in what you do, and you want to see it succeed so badly, that regardless of the obstacles or circumstances, you will not give up, you will not quit until you have exhausted every means to accomplish it.  I am sure you can think of many stories of people in all walks of life who overcame adversities to reach their goals and how these stories inspire you to pursue greatness too.  This is how it should be with our commitment. We should be sold out to the cause so much that it becomes something our co-workers witness in our actions, and our customers experience in our delivery!  A sold out commitment level has a premium market value because of the great worth it offers everyone who comes into contact with it!

How to sustain a “Sold Out” commitment:

Be sure of your cause: Make certain you do your homework and that what you are committing to is worth it.  It is critical to always have the end in mind with any endeavor you pursue. Ask yourself what you want the result to be before you start and then create a plan to get you there.

Keep Score: Consistently know where you are. Be accountable to the end result and each other. When you begin to see results that you are gaining progress or momentum, it fuels your commitment level, but you won’t know this if you don’t keep score.

Patience and Praise the Positives! I must admit this is my weakness.  I have to learn patience every day. I even find myself upset with the microwave! I know, that’s bad…moving on. You have to give your commitment time to nurture your goals and objective. Do not close the door too quickly.  This again can be determined if you are keeping score consistently as described above. 

Finally, make a BIG deal out of positive things.  Celebrate every small success and be sure to include everyone in celebration! Nothing goes further than sustain a long term “sold out” commitment level than sincere recognition of a job well done!

The market value of the “Close Out” Commitment:  When I think of “close out” it reminds me of the commercials I have seen of businesses closing their door, going out of business.  I have even heard the expression  “at going out of business, close-out prices”.  When you hear close out prices, what comes to mind? This means you can probably purchase at really cheap prices. Close out can also mean it becomes so worthless, that if no one wants it, it will be thrown away…ouch!

When the market value of your commitment is going at close out prices, you too may one day find yourself going out of business. Close out simply means that your commitment has determined that the effort is too much to ask, to difficult, or a sense of apathy has taken over your organization, so let’s just do some damage control, get what we can and wait and see.

Signs of a “Close Out” Commitment:

Apathetic Conversations: Statements such as “what difference does it make” or “what’s the use” or especially; “I have been here for 300 years and we have never done it that way before, it would not work then and it will not work now” Sound familiar?  If your organization is filled with comments or attitudes like this, then you are clearly operating in an environment with a “close out”, liquidation price commitment level.

Low energy and performances at the minimum: If your organization has a very low level of effort or each of the members of your team seek only to do the minimum as per the job description, you are drowning in a “close out” commitment level.  If co-workers look to be the last to punch in and the first to punch out, well…I think you get the point.

“Close out”  commitment levels can be remedied, but it must start with you! Be the first to take the initiative on a project.  When someone speaks apathetically, immediately put a positive spin on it, when you see a co-worker doing something above expectation, recognize their effort.  A little bit at a time can go a long way in changing the market value price of your commitment to both your co-workers and your customers!

Finally I want to talk about the market value of being employed RIGHT NOW.  First of all let me say that I truly hope you love your job, BUT you may not.  It is important to understand that even the most perfect job or career, comes with ups and downs.  So with that said, let me get right to my point. If you are gainfully employed and you have the opportunity to get up every morning and earn a paycheck then you are BLESSED!!  I hope you hear this.  I have encountered several people my age who are facing a future that requires them to start over. They are looking for work, any work.  I can’t imagine that thought process.

So let me say to you that if for no other reason than having a secure job, your commitment level should be going at a very high market value.

So there is it. My challenge to you is to take a very good look at your commitment level right now and answer the question I posed to you at the beginning of this writing. Would you or those you work with or serve be offering a premium price for what you bring to the process, or would they be getting you at “close out” prices.   I hope you discover you commitment level going at its highest market value ever, and then soaring even higher!


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