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Experiences put to paper…

’twas the Day Before the Business New Year

’twas the day before the business new year
Opportunities at hand
And me and my laptop were ready
To execute the well thought out plan

Appointments and meetings
Filled every calendar line
I had planned early
And January looked fine

But then my eyes wandered
And I soon became chilled
As I saw weeks in February
That were yet to be filled

So away in my Ford Truck
To the office I flew
It’s all up to me, no excuses
But I knew what to do

On phone calls on emails
On pre-approach letters
Soon appointments were scheduling
And now I felt better

As I looked at my results
A thought entered my head
Never prospect like a passenger
When you can be a driver instead

So as I closed my office door
I said to myself with a grin
“If I will just stay consistent”
This year business will be better, than its ever been!


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