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Take the Challenge: One Week of “One More”…Read On if You Dare!

The number one has a lot of different meanings. It is priceless in sports; it designates no one better, world champion! One more point, one more run, one more defensive stop can mean the difference in winning and losing;one less stroke in golf can mean the difference in millions of dollars in winnings…just ONE! So as you can see, one can be a very BIG thing.

In monetary value one dollar does not mean much in itself but when added to hundreds or thousands of other “ones” it can begin to add up! When you think about just one to anything initially it may seem very small, but in many circumstances and situations when it comes to adding to the bottom line of your business or practice, just one more can be substantial or even career changing…interested in knowing more?

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many salespeople over the last 28 years and I had the opportunity to work with an agent who could tell me down to the penny what his activity was worth. So much so that he could attest that every time he picked up the phone to make a prospecting call it was worth $27.32 in his pocket. He derived this from taking his average commission on a sale, number of sales per week, number of appointments it took to make a sale and the number of phone calls to make an appointment. As you can see, one additional phone call at a time can really add up! If you have never done this calculation, please do so. It can be very enlightening. Back to the point…I also met a sales person who averaged $1500.00 on every sale she made. So think how much just one more sale a week or month would mean for her!

When you know your score, you can quickly see how just one more on a consistent basis can really bring career changing impact to your practice. So now that I have laid the groundwork, here is my challenge to us all.

The day after reading this article, I want you to focus on the concept of one more, for a full work week with emphasis on the following:
One more prospecting contact: However you approach folks, either by phone, in-person, email, pre-approach letter, whatever, when you feel you are through …you got it, contact one more.
One more appointment set: When your call list is clear and your appointments are set based upon your goal, set just one more.
One replaced appointment on a cancellation: If an appointment cancels unexpectedly, don’t call it a day until you get just one more to replace it.
One more ask for a referral for the week: Ask just one more time for a favorable introduction!
One more service call to check on a client: It may be buying time again!
One more of anything else you normally do: In case I missed anything, do one more of whatever it is you normally do during your business development work week. No exclusions allowed!
I am not suggesting the moon here, just simply adding or obtaining one more…that’s it. I am confident we can do. I’m committed to it…so are you in?

After completing this week of “one more” please comment back your results. I would welcome the feedback. I truly believe the concept of one more can put us on a path to reaching exponential growth.

Best wishes for your success!


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