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Running In High (V): Five Elements to a Thriving Enterprise. Part One

As noted by the name of my blog; Pinnacleceo’s Take, I write posts from experiences.  While I in no way claim to be the end-all to business development, I have learned a few things over the past 28 years of operating and sustaining two unique companies and because of what I have experienced, it is my hope that when you read a post, you can immediately gain a take-away to help you. So here we go…


 Words are powerful. Because of this it sometimes takes a while to come up with the appropriate title to a posting.  In this case, I love the word thrive because to me it denotes abundance, to flourish. Unlike the word survive which takes on the definition of holding on another day.  Please do not get me wrong, I too have been in survival mode, BUT what I have found are some critical elements that can not only get me out of survival mode, but can put me in overdrive and thriving again. Each of these elements must be running at a HIGH level.  This is the key. The status quo is unacceptable for you see, I would submit that each of the following (V) elements are in place at most enterprises, yet it is the commitment and intensity to each of them that creates and sustains a thriving enterprise.  So, without further delay, here are five (V’s) for your consideration.


(V)ision: Do you have a picture of your end-game… what your efforts will produce? Can you see it, can you share it? Will others accept it and follow?  The first step to a thriving enterprise is your vision of what you want. Your vision will directly impact your processes to reach your end-game.  I can’t stress enough the significance of vision. 


Years ago, I had the opportunity to coach a YFL football team and every August, we gathered our eight and nine year old players together and painted them a picture of where we wanted to be in November. They could see themselves playing under the lights,listening to the cheering crowd, hearing their name being called…they could see and taste the vision.  Anytime when they needed inspiring throughout the season, we simply reinforced the vision…By the way, we played in and won a record six Super Bowls in a row!


Running in high (V)ision takes effort.  It must be something perceived as worth pursuing, thus it must be high; not in the sense of unreachable, but in the sense of accomplishment in the results. HIGH (V)ision.


(V)elocity: Not only the speed, but the direction of your enterprise. A thriving enterprise must run at full throttle in today’s competitive environment.  It is critical that you stay focused on your vision and NEVER take for granted anything.  It is simply too competitive to set idly by and simply react. A thriving enterprise must stay on the cutting edge and have a defined direction too. Velocity also measures direction. The mode, the plan, the path to attaining your vision;


If you doubt the impact of HIGH (V)elocity, take a look at what companies like Apple and Microsoft do.  Is there any question of their commitment to their speed and direction?…I think not. A proactive, educated “ go get’em” approach in the direction of your HIGH (V)ision is game-changing and game-sustaining! HIGH (V)elocity.


(V)alue. Does your enterprise offer value, perceived or real or both.  Even in today’s world of convenience, people across the globe still place precedence on value…they will pay for it. Value comes in many forms. From products and performance, to people and promises to follow through and follow up; HIGH  (V)alue is evident.


 Products will continue to change. The way services are delivered will continue to change but the one thing that will hold constant is the value of doing business with an enterprise that places it HIGH on their priority list.  There are many people I have done business with for years that are NOT the most inexpensive or most state-of-the-art but they are the most committed to HIGH (V)alue and because of this, I am a loyal customer; something you cannot put a price tag on. HIGH (V)alue


So here are the first three HIGH (V)’s to a thriving enterprise:

Vision: Paint a picture of your end game for all to see and “buy-in” to.

Velocity: The speed, intensity and proper direction to reaching your goal, your vision

Value: The priceless commodity of perceived and real worth in your products, performance, people, promises, follow through and follow up. It’s why I choose you!


The next posting I will reveal the final two (V)’s.  I really want you to come back.


All the best!





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