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If You’re Waiting For The Next Opportunity to Fall in Your Lap…Your Sitting Too Much!

Every year in January the fitness centers are full of New Year’s Resolutions.  I hear comments such as “I’ve been eating way too much” or “this year I am going to shed the pounds”. One comment however really struck a chord in me. I was on a mountain climbing devise which is an elliptical machine designed to make real mountain climbing seem like a walk in the park (whining a little), when someone got on a treadmill next to me and began running at a furious pace. I made the comment “you are really getting after it”. Their response…”yep, been sitting around way too long and now I’m gonna pay for it”. As per usual I had a thought.

 What if we treated our livelihood like the approach above? I mentioned this concept in a previous writing but there are two types of care when it comes to our health and our enterprise. The first is preventative. Simply put this type of care is an “on purpose” accountability and assessment process designed to keep us functioning at our best at all times. As in its descriptive title, it prevents unfavorable situations as best it can while preparing how to handle them should rough times occur. The other type of care is acute. This means extreme measures necessary, potentially life threatening!  Any physician will tell you preventative care is much less expensive and less painful than acute…so why would anyone choose the alternative for our health or our business?

 So all that being said, here is the point. If you are not operating in preventative care mode, get up and start today. It begins with your approach to the almighty opportunity. Just as the comment made to me in the fitness center about sitting around too much …if you are waiting for opportunity to fall in your lap, you are sitting around too much (thus the title of this writing, cool huh?)

Case in point: My January from a financial standpoint is always a challenge, taxes, additional annual payments that come due, etc. If I simply wait for the opportunity to meet these demands to come to me  in January (or any other time really), I will almost guarantee you I will be in acute care mode. I make a personal commitment to do all I can to have these situations already provided for or at least have the opportunity in the works to take care of them. It makes the start of and the rest of the year much more productive.

 So take a moment to evaluate your mode of operation when it comes to the care of your practice or enterprise and also which posture you find yourself in most of the time; and if you find you are getting out of shape in any form or fashion, my advice to you as to me…it’s time to get out of the chair…I think you get the point.

 All the best for 2014 and beyond!


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