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Talk It UP! The Keys to Positive Self-Talk Conversations.

We all have this little voice inside that is constantly volunteering to provide us feedback and insight to the environment around us. The question regarding these conversations is…what is the nature of the language?

I must confess, I constantly have to take inventory of the thoughts that produce the topics of these self-talks. I am very impatient and at times, this can be very detrimental to the results that I experience. Example: Making a rash decision before really looking at the big picture. Or, making assumptions about an original perception that proved to be wrong. Just being honest here.

The key for me and you is to take control of our thoughts and form a self-conversation that is filled with positives. I am not talking fabricated or forced “sappy-happy” insincere thoughts. I am referring to looking at every situation objectively and honestly to discover the positives that can be learned or gained from the experience.

Here are some tips for a positive toned self-talk conversation.

1. Before you jump into the “negative-zone”, take a look at the situation and immediately ask yourself what positives can be gained. If you lose a sale, instead of letting it beat you up, ask yourself, how and what can I do to prevent that from happening again. If you missed an opportunity, take a good look at why. Maybe, just maybe it happened for a reason! Then learn…not blame!

2. Think and take something good to work every day. I’m sorry to tell you this, but we do not develop our thoughts and our approach to work when we get there…we bring them with us. Now I know thing can occur throughout the day that can “alter” our self-talk conversations, however, much of the alteration comes from the approach and attitude we brought with us when we walked in the front door. So fill you mind with the good stuff every morning. A positive message even an uplifting song, anything to fire you up and have you positive minded from the start.

3. Find a way to compliment or acknowledge a co-worker, customer or client every day. In your self-talk ask yourself, “how can I put a smile on that person’s face?” Nothing major, just meaningful. This has powerful impact if you make this a habit.

Remember, your self-talk conversation create the thoughts to determine and dictate the actions which produce your personal results. So before you begin your day…Be sure you talk it up positively with the person you see in the mirror each morning when you’re brushing your teeth!

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One thought on “Talk It UP! The Keys to Positive Self-Talk Conversations.

  1. Mary Lange on said:

    Nice Tim. I like your approach on this. Hope you are well. M

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