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Three Things My Dad Does A Lot!

I am thankful to say that on this Father’s Day, my dad is going strong at 76, still working every day and building his business. But on this day, if you will allow a little latitude to take a look back at some of the things I remember most about my dad growing up… the things he did a lot, and still does today!

Laughed…a lot. My dad has these defined lines around his eyes, that were formed over the years and etched deeper into their defining glory every time he laughed. My dad has a very distinct laugh. It starts quietly but before it ends, you can hear it across the parking lot. I remember I was going to meet him in a place once in a fairly crowded room. This was before cell phones or text messaging. As I looked around there was no sign of him or my mom, then it happened…I heard it, that one of a kind laugh that led me right to where he was!

His laugh has been called contagious. In fact when I meet people who know my dad, they always comment about his laugh. To me, that is a pretty cool distinguishing characteristic…to be identified by the joy you find in life!

Worked a lot… Dad loves to talk about his upcoming work week. He looks forward to it. He enjoys what he does. He is an electrician and has been for over fifty years. I think his love for work comes from the sense of accomplishment it affords him…he is a master of his craft. But I also think it is just the genuine work ethic he has practiced and unconditionally believes in to this day.

His value of his work is second to none. His finished product is his masterpiece. HE loves his work and will not leave a job until it meets his satisfaction. IT IS NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Gave a lot… Dad has a very giving heart, especially to his family. While he is very “frugal” with his resources, when it comes to family, nothing is out of reach. If it is necessary to help improve the quality of life, you can count him in. Do not get me wrong here. He never gave flippantly, but when he gave, he gave generously. There are many folks in his community that have benefited from my dad and my mom’s generosity.

As I look back, maybe the things I found in my dad are part of a generation past. You just don’t see this simple approach to life as often any more. Oh, it is still there, you catch a glimpse of it time and time again. Sometimes it is found in an engaging smile or “hello”. Sometimes in an extra “how can I help you”, or “you can do it!” but the core values of laughing, working and giving are just not where they were when I was growing up.

Perhaps we are just too busy, too caught up in meeting the demands of the day. I do know for a fact, that we are busier than ever before and I believe there is so much more each generation has to deal with than the one before it.

It is my hope however, that I can be viewed and thought of just like my dad, who by the way still loves to laugh, work and give. I truly believe that no matter how advanced or busy society becomes, there will always be a place for a person who when thought of, the first thing that comes to you, is a smile to your face!

Happy Father’s Day! May it be filled with lots of laughter!


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