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Is the Word “Work” a Verb in Your Vocabulary?

I admit right from the start I am not fluent in the proper application of the English language, especially living where I live…honestly I probably butcher it. Nonetheless, I do remember the specifics when it comes to the difference in nouns and verbs. Interestingly enough, many words can take on both forms. It simply depends on how it is applied in a sentence. Example the word watch; I watch sports. And: I bought a new watch. See the difference?

Nouns are a person, place or thing and verbs are action words. I’m a verb fan! So now on with the point of this writing. Here is my question for you, how do you apply the word work?

Is work to you just a thing, something to do or you must do, or is it an opportunity to perform, to show worth and achieve a sense of accomplishment? Do you work to achieve your goal or dream or do you simply go to work?

Please hear me, I am not making light of the necessity to go to work. We all need to be gainfully employed and earn a living. What I am implying is that while we do our daily activities, our approach to work is one of action, making the most of it…a means to gain versus a means to an end. I’m talking about a sense of worth. Let’s be honest here, the workday is not going away so why not work to make it the best it can be rather than waiting for the five o’clock bell to ring. The only way I have found to do this consistently is to put purpose behind the process and action to the belief.

So this week, right now, I challenge you, find ways to put action to the cause and purpose of work. Think about how you view the word work when preparing for it. Make work a verb with your beliefs so you can reap the benefits of enjoying it as a noun!

Stay productive!


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