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Considering Taking the Entrepreneurial Journey? A MUST Read Before Your Launch…Conclusion

For those who may have missed part one you may access it here:   The rest of you, welcome back!

To segue into the conclusion, we were looking at the all important checklist before starting the entrepreneurial journey. Here we go…

Check Your Creativity Meter:
Remember when you were a kid and how easy it was to dream? To take a simple blank pad, a box of crayons and based on the choices you made, draw your masterpiece? Remember how proud you were of your creation and could not wait to share it with others and then be recognized and accepted for your performance? When was the last time you felt like that? If you have not experienced that since your childhood, it would be a great idea to check your creativity meter before you start this journey. These built-in desires we longed for as youth, to build or create something and proudly sign our name to it are still there! I would go as far as to say they are a “MUST-HAVE” for your entrepreneurial trip. We just need to rediscover, develop and re-ignite them.
If your journey is to be a successful one, you must possess the abilities to be creative and think beyond the status-quo. One of the greatest attributes of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to create a distinction between them and their competition. This takes creativity. Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry when he dreamed of building a car that was affordable to everyone. He further expanded this by developing the first of its kind assembly line that influenced the development of those used today. He changed the world…and it all began with one creative thought!
Check Your Decision Making:
How do you make decisions? Are they pain-staking adventures, off the cuff, well thought out or perhaps a combination of both? Regardless, the decisions you make are the transparent results of what your business looks like now and what it will look like in the future.
As I interviewed entrepreneurs from various industries, it became clear that each fully understood they would live with the consequences and outcomes of their choices. If things were going great, it was a result of choices made and implemented that led to the successes. If things were not where they wanted them to be, once again a choice to do or not do something could be clearly identified.
It is critical you become aware of how you make decisions. They create the experiences that influence our habits and our actions. I cannot stress enough the importance of checking your approach and your implementation of decision making.
Check Your Motivation Level. Trial or True Ownership:
How serious are you? Gut check time. Did the idea to launch out come to you on a whim, because you had a bad day? Has this desire been burning inside of you and causing you to lose sleep…is it do or die? Do you have a trial ownership mentality or a true ownership mentality? When things get tough are you sold out to your decision, or are you looking for the box and the shipping instructions to send what you ordered back? In your mind are you at the point where you must be committed and failure is not an option? A trial ownership mentality can be dangerous because it takes on the attributes of true ownership at the beginning of the process. These are serious questions and as indicated in the study referenced above, your motivation must be an “all-in” approach. You need every resource possible to launch successfully.
The key to motivation is that it must be yours…personally. Someone can influence your action to perform such as a supervisor, employer or spouse by suggesting you “pick it up a little” but until you find that personal reason or drive to act and obtain, motivation is just another buzz word everyone likes to talk about.
Once your motivation is solid and sincere, develop your skills and abilities to form great habits and attitudes. Refine your motivation into its proper perspective. This simply means doing the right things with the right people, at the right time. Surround yourself with positive influences and by all means seek help and pursue all opportunities. You must keep your motivation alive, whatever it is because once it’s gone; the dream won’t be far behind.
The list of essentials and processes to successful entrepreneurship are exhaustive. The most important things I have learned from personal experiences as well as learning from others are that this truly is a journey. I have been in business for myself for thirty-one years and while I do not claim to know everything thing there is to know, I can say assuredly the checklists and the decisions made some thirty years ago still guide me today. And when it’s all said and done, if you can glean any insight that will help catapult you favorably on this incredible life long journey, my work is done and I gladly conclude by saying “Welcome Aboard!”
Note: This writing is based upon the recently released book “Unleash Your Entrepreneur Factor”. To learn more about this book and the author, visit  Available in soft cover and Kindle version on Amazon.

Stay productive!


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