Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope 2015 was great and 2016 is even better. It’s hard to believe we are flying through the 2010’s. It seemed like yesterday we were gearing up for the big Y2K scare…remember that? Well just to put it in perspective that was a decade and a half ago!  Okay, enough of that, on to the topic at hand.

I know I use the term productive a lot. But to be very honest, we are either productive or we are not; we are moving forward or we are moving backward. I do not believe for me personally there is a middle ground. If I am not striving to move forward, then I am headed backward. The key is the pursuit, the drive forward. I know we face obstacles that can slow us down or take us off course, BUT a productive mindset will keep us focused and get us back on track in the right direction.

So here we are again at that time of year for new beginnings, new resolutions and new goals. With this, I too have found myself thinking about my 2015 and also what I want to achieve for this year. So with that being said, I would like to share with you my plan, my resolve for this year and ask you to join me in the challenge: Here it is…

To Be Productive and Stay Productive:

What: Define what productive means to you. How do you know you have had a productive day? What happened to deem it so?

When: At the end of the day, take a quick look at all your activities and determine what productive things were accomplished. These things can encompass a variety of accomplishments ranging from a huge deal or sale to taking an exercise class or computer course to spending time developing or maintaining great relationships.

How: Create a “Productivity Journal”.  Nothing fancy necessary, just a place you can go and simply jot down what you did each day that was productive. It can be as simple as: new client, started new program, spent time with kids…I know you know what I’m referring to.  Please note you may find some days that you just aren’t productive,  that’s fine and also natural.  The key however is that you do not find yourself in a pattern of unproductive performance. You can recognize it when you know what to look for, and when you are tracking it daily.  Ignoring patterns of non-productivity can knock you out in a hurry.

Why: To inspire you to discover productivity and then stay there! When you keep score, if you have any ownership in the outcome, you will strive to do something productive…so you can record it!  Similarly, when your productivity goes up, it goes without saying, life in general goes up! Think how your livelihood, your life and your world will look at the end of 2016 if you look back and find that your “Productivity Journal” is filled with entries. Boom!

So that is my challenge. I started my “Productivity Journal” today with a couple of entries. One was I took a spin class at workout today…something I have not done in years and yes, it was brutal on me!  Secondly, I posted this blog and if it inspires just one to begin a more productive life…well there just isn’t anything much more productive than that. So get started today. The only thing left is Who will join me? Will you?

Best wishes to each of you for your best year ever and oh yes…stay productive!

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