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The Concept of Forward Thinking: Winning Today by Seeing Tomorrow!

How far out will your thoughts take you? When you begin to think about the future of your livelihood, your career or business, how far can you see into the future? Many folks can’t seem to get past the moment; making it through the day is considered long term thinking for them!

Now before we go any further on this topic, please hear me. We need to have a plan for today. We need to work hard today and be a contributor to the success of the day. We need to be productive. However, it goes without saying that the more prepared you are for today, the better the outcome.

So what about your future? Where do you want to be at the end of this year? How about five to ten years from now? Can you see it? Can you describe it to me? The results are in. The highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners I have met all possess a common trait; the ability to see the end game well in advance. To master the concept of forward thinking that leads them to making the right decisions, staying focused and holding themselves accountable to each and every result along the way.

Forward thinking is simply being able see what is necessary to do today to help achieve specific results envisioned for tomorrow. Let me give you an example…Sports related, I know…but stay with me.

Years ago I had the privilege of coaching a very successful youth football team. So successful, the we lost just one game over a six-year period (we lost on a highly controversial play I might add.) My study at home is filled with championship trophies! Okay, to the point.

Every year late in August on what felt like the hottest day of the year, our boys would come together to begin another successful season. The boys came fired up and ready to go. They loved football, but they did not all love practice. We as coaches had to inspire them and sometimes motivate them to practice harder through our words of encouragement and an occasional sprint to the fence and back. I remember one occasion it was my turn to get the troops ready for practice and start the season off on a very high, positive note.

I began by talking about the future, where we would be at the end of the season and how we were going to get there BEFORE IT EVER STARTED! I told the boys we would be playing in the Super Bowl at a very nice stadium where all the high school games were played; that we would be playing under the lights, with a real scoreboard. I told them there would be an announcer broadcasting in his loudest voice “here come the Raiders” and all the fans would cheer as we take the field. I concluded by telling them after we win, we each get a large trophy and would have BIG celebration party…both which are huge to a group of ten year olds!

Needless to say, there was not an unfocused eye in the bunch. They could not wait to start practicing to prepare for what was ahead. I concluded by telling them we will win in November, what we plan and work toward starting in August! What a powerful lesson for us all.

Forward thinking is the driving force that creates the momentum which inspires the dedication to perform the actions to reach the desired outcome. Boom, that’s good stuff. Because our team had a vision of playing in the Super Bowl before we took the first snap in practice, it created a winning culture that inspired us the entire season. If we ever got side tracked, we simply reminded ourselves of what was waiting for us on that special November Sunday.

So what about you? What forward thinking thoughts have you had lately? What are you going to do with them? There is a scripture in the book of Proverbs that states people without a vision will perish. There is another scripture that says faith without works is dead. Hmmm. My challenge for all of us is to set our sights high for future success. Start thinking right now what you want your future to look like tomorrow and start working toward it today.

Here is the point If you begin practicing this concept of forward thinking, not only will your future be bright, but you will be doing the things necessary to take care of each part of every present day! You will put yourself in a position to win every day!

Now that’s something to think and act on both now and tomorrow!

Stay Productive!


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